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Advent Adventure

The season of Advent is upon us. At church, we've started the four-week observance of Advent within our service, generally marked by a family going up to the front of the sanctuary, lighting a candle and doing a reading.

Last week, five of us singletons trotted up to the front to light the first candle of Advent. I'll be honest, it was a bit awkward. When everyone's expecting a family (complete with cute kids in matching sweaters who look like they stepped out of a J Crew catalog) to participate, but instead five adults of varying ages and associations present themselves, it's no doubt a bit jarring.

I could almost feel the murmurs: "Who are these people? Who's dating whom? How old is he? Aww, she still hasn't found anyone? Bless their hearts." Maybe I'm overexaggerating. It was actually a privilege to be included, and due to my Boundless training, I dutifully stepped back and let one of the guys light the candle as we ladies looked on demurely. This despite the fact that last week's candle was the Prophecy candle, and since that's one of my gifts, the candle should've been mine to light, right? I mean, I'm just sayin'.

Advent means "arrival" or "coming," and encompasses the four weeks leading up to Christmas as we anticipate the birth of Christ. It's the start of the church calendar year, and is marked by a tone of reflection, expectation and celebration.

The Christmas season is a great time to think about those who do not have Christ. As I've been decorating my tree and listening to Christmas music, I think of what a colossal letdown Christmas must be for those who don't have Christ as the center of their celebration.

I mean, how long can you sustain excitement about shopping, food, decorations, gifts and parties? Come January, all those things are gone, and in their place are bills, trash, gift receipts and a 5-10 pound weight gain. I mention on this week's show how one of my pastors is challenging us to use this season as an outreach opportunity to those in our acquaintance who don't know Jesus. It's helping me prioritize what I do in the next few weeks. What's important to fit in, and what could be ditched this year? We share on the show some strategies for making Christmas meaningful and all-around less stressful.

This week's articles include "Generation Ex-Christian," Candice Watters' review of Drew Dyck's book by the same name. It's a glimpse into our generation, specifically those who once claimed Christ but are now on an exodus from our churches. Also read "Minding Our Media" by Carolyn McCulley, a great reminder of how, as she says, "what we gaze upon affects our desires." Over on the blog you can still jump in on our discussion of the American Atheists' billboard campaign this Christmas, and how we can best respond as Christians.

There are many opportunities to bring Christ back into Christmas and herald the Good News to those around you. Find a few to implement in the coming days, and have a wonderful week as you celebrate Advent and anticipate the birthday of our Savior!

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  The Boundless Show

Episode 149: Going All the Way: Prioritizing what's important at Christmas, plus Going All the Way with Pastor Craig Groeschel, and Candice is back to answer a listener question about parenting styles.

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